"I hoped that I would see you again to thank you. Years ago, your bag of breasts taught me all about feeling for breast changes, and now I am a breast cancer survivor."

Anonymous, breast cancer survivor

"I own a hair salon and I keep the Breastology Bag™ on my table in my waiting room. All of my clients have learned to know the feeling and many have bought one as a gift for friends and family. Great teaching tool."

Tom L, Worthington, OH

"I love the Breastology Bag™! It is such a wonderful tool for learning how to do breast self-exams. I used to be intimidated because I didn't know how or what to feel for. Now I know, and I'm making myself more familiar with my breasts so I will know when something is abnormal. Breast cancer runs in my family and this is a great tool to keep me aware and on top of my self-exams and annual mammograms."

Jessie S., Columbus, OH

"I am an advanced practice nurse. I help individuals to achieve wellness through teaching the science and art of self-care. I have taught women how to do breast self-exam for over ten years. Women often feel nervous about examining their own breasts and are afraid what they might find. I have used various teaching aids to help women to learn how to detect lumps in their breasts. The Breastology Bag is the friendliest teaching tool that I have encountered! Women feel comfortable touching the models because they look friendly and the cotton material makes it feel good to touch. These positive features help women to feel more relaxed as they learn how to take care of themselves!"

Ying Studebaker, RN, MS, CNS, CTTS
Teaching the Science & Art of Self Care